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Boughner Racing Suspension takes care of all your suspension needs for Motocross, Ice, Flat Track, Super Moto, Trail, Enduro’s, Hare scrambles, Snowmobiles and Quads.

Mike and Deb Boughner are a team! When you call; one or the other answers the phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior or winning professional championships, you will be treated with the same attention to detail and service. Mike will take the time to understand how you ride and then build your suspension to match, all while teaching you how to tune it to your style.  They take “Let’s Make it Personal” literally, and you will realize that the first time you call or meet them.

Mike started riding forty years ago, and has been a machinist for over twenty. They have something special in their shop called a suspension dyno (same equipment used in Nascar). Mike is capable of diagnosing, modifying and recording changes that others do by the seat of their pants. With this technology in his arsenal, he can recreate any suspension characteristic without putting the suspension back on the bike. With the state of the art R & D clean room each project is like a surgery; only you won’t need any anesthesia. Mike can take care of your emergency needs at the track, but for the same reason that surgery shouldn’t be done in the field, Mike believes it’s always best to build your suspension in a controlled environment where there’s no contamination.  The R & D clean room is where your suspension dreams become a reality. If necessary, there is an option for some “physical therapy” on the track or even better on the over mile long motocross practice track behind the shop. When is the last time you dialed your suspension in with the “actual” guy who built it?

Boughner Racing Suspension uses only the best quality materials available, and believes that testing and tuning should be done on practice days and not at races. The mission is to have your suspension work in a manner that you’ve never believed was possible leaving you with a happiness that has never been found on the trail or track! All they ask in return… when you love your suspension, tell your friends about Boughner Racing Suspension.

We focus on maximizing our services and providing you with a quick turn around. We offer knowledgeable technical support, rely on repeat customers and word of mouth to grow our business.

We are constantly striving to improve our service.  If there is anything that we can do to help improve your experience, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

So if you enjoyed your experience with us, please be sure to tell your friends and family about  Boughner Racing Suspension!

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Mike and Deb Boughner

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Bryan Smith
2016 Grand National Champion

Brad Baker 2013 Grand National Champion

Brad Baker
2013 Grand National Champion

Jake Johnson 2011 Grand National Champion

Jake Johnson
2011 Grand National Champion

Jake Johnson 2010 Grand National Champion

Jake Johnson
2010 Grand National Champion


"Let's Make it Personal"